Pai Gow Poker Strategy

If Pai Gow Poker is not as demanding as classic poker, it is always better to have a good strategy to ensure maximum chances of winning. Here we will reveal a strategy that will allow you to optimize your income at Pai Gow Poker. This strategy is simply to play “house style”. Indeed, in land-based casinos, the dealer has very specific instructions and is obliged to apply them during the game. If you play like the dealer, you will therefore ensure maximum winnings. The “house style” method of play also applies to online Pai Gow Poker. Note that the frequency of earnings and the remuneration in the true sense of the term may vary slightly depending on the establishments you attend.

Play Pai Gow Poker the House Way

While playing casino style is not a foolproof strategy and does not guarantee one hundred percent winnings, this method has proven successful and we encourage you to use it in real life at Pai Gow Poker. Below you will find a complete table that summarizes all the actions you need to perform depending on the draw, the state of your hands and your future possibilities.

The benefits of this strategy in Pai Gow Poker

Not everyone trusts the house way. However, this is how the computer plays in online casinos. By studying this table, you will be able to predict its future movements. While it will prove to be difficult to make any real profit in the casino from this strategy, however, you can make your odds neutralize each other, which means that you will put the house edge in your pocket. As we have explained, this method is not one hundred percent reliable, but in many cases it will increase your odds of winning significantly.